18th Century Reforms


State guidelines address various antebellum (pre-Civil War) reform movement - Abolition, Education, Women’s Rights

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U4.3 Reform Movements Analyze the growth of antebellum American reform movements
8 – U4.3.1 Explain the origins of the American education system and Horace Mann’s campaign for free compulsory public education. (C2)
8 – U4.3.2 Describe the formation and development of the abolitionist movement by considering the roles of key abolitionist leaders and the response of southerners and northerners to the abolitionist movement. (C2, G6)
8 – U4.3.3 Analyze the antebellum women’s rights (and suffrage) movement by discussing the goals of its leaders (e.g., Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton) and comparing the Seneca Falls Resolution with the Declaration of Independence. (C2)
8 – U4.3.5 Evaluate the role of religion in shaping antebellum reform movements. (C2)
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