5th Grade/Literacy (Learning about reading strategies: Prediction, Connection, Visualizing, Inferencing, Summarizing, and Question)


This unit features multiple types of reading strategies. The unit focuses on specific lessons to target reading strategies students use in the literacy class. For example,  predicting before reading the book, making connections (self, text, to the world), visualizing the story, inferencing with background knowledge, summarizing the important details of the story, and asking questions to monitor comprehension.

Learning Targets: 
Student will know how to use these various types of reading strategies students often need in order to understand grade level text.
SWBAT think about a book before they start reading and ask themselves questions about the book to get their mind ready to read. Students will return to answer their own questions.
SWBAT envision to make a movie in their minds while reading a fiction book in order to become closer to a character.
SWBAT make an inference based on their background knowledge and based on pictures to understand the author’s message.
SWBAT make a text to self connections in a book they are reading. Students will predict how characters think/feel based on these connections and context clue. SWBAT summarize a story with important information.
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