Creating The Constitution


Before learning the format and features of The Constitution, the students  have a chapter that relates the challenges to governing post Revolutionary War and subsequent failure of our first form of government (The Articles of Confederation) during Shays’s Rebellion.  During this chapter they represent historical characters present at the convention and have a series of debates to settle the pressing issues of the time (how states should be represented in government, how slaves should be counted, and how to elect a president).

Learning Targets: 
8 – U3.3.1 Explain the reasons for the adoption and subsequent failure of the Articles of Confederation.
8 – U3.3.2 Identify economic, political, and cultural issues facing the nation during the period of the Articles of Confederation and the opening of the Constitutional Convention.
8 – U3.3.3 Describe the major issues debated at the Constitutional Convention including the distribution of political power, conduct of foreign affairs, rights of individuals, rights of states, election of the executive, and slavery as a regional and fed
8 – U3.3.4 Explain how the new constitution resolved (or compromised) the major issues including sharing, separating, and checking of power among federal government institutions, dual sovereignty (state/federal power), rights of individuals, the Electora
8 – U3.3.5 Analyze the debates over the ratification of the Constitution from the perspectives of Federalists and Anti-Federalists and describe how the states ratified the Constitution.
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