English 9 A Introduction & Orientation (Unit 0)


Unit 0 is a four-day introduction to English 9 A and orientation to both SSR and the course’s blended format. The blueprint breaks the unit down by day featuring an agenda for each day and linked resources for each activity, including face-to-face and online lessons.

Our essential questions for this unit are (1) How ready are we for blended learning?, (2) What are the advantages of sustained silent reading (SSR)?, and (3) What does it take to be successful in English 9 A?

Intended for the first week of English 9, this plan includes multiple activities that give students opportunities to practice completing Google Forms, collaborating on Google Docs, and creating presentations in Google Slides with extra scaffolding through gradual release.

The pacing of the unit was designed for a twelve-week, one-trimester course that meets daily for 72-minute blocks. Each meeting will include 15 minutes of SSR, 25-40 minutes of guided learning (including face-to-face and online components), and 15-25 minutes of “flex time” - time for students to work at their own pace on independent assignments (five per week).

This unit plan is designed for a resource classroom with one-to-one Chromebooks using Google Classroom. This unit plan could, however, be applied in any CCSS-aligned English 9 course with modified scaffolding; could be modified for a rotation-based classroom with less access to technology; and/or could be taught using any alternative LMS.

Learning Targets: 
I can explain the advantages of SSR and blended learning.
I can describe what it takes to be successful in English 9 A.
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