Students will become familiar with terms, arguments and case studies involving globalization. After using our text to explore relevant definitions and initial pro-con arguments, students will rotate between five stations: (1) watch and respond to a Crash Course video in EdPuzzle, (2) investigate food security & trade issues with a small group white board flowchart, (3) access case studies online and respond to questions, (4) search out addition pro-con arguments online and (5) select a product to research and develop a script  for a fashion show that highlights the effects of globalization. The unit will conclude with a “globalization fashion show” and a pro-con debate on globalization.

Learning Targets: 
G1.3.3 Explain the different ways in which places are connected and how those connections demonstrate interdependence and accessibility.
G6.1.1Contemporary Investigations - Investigate a contemporary global issue by applying the skills of geographic inquiry (asking geographic questions, acquiring geographic information, organizing geographic information, analyzing geographic information, a
G4.2.1 Identify and describe the advantages, disadvantages and impact of different technologies used to move people, products, and ideas throughout the world.
E1.1.1 Explain how incentives in different economic systems can change the decision-making process (e.g. acquiring money, profit, goods, wanting to avoid loss in position in society, job placement)
E3.1.3 Explain how communication innovations have affected economic interactions and where and how people work (e.g., internet-based home offices, international work teams, international companies).
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