Gradecam is a grading scanning App that enables a document camera, phone or webcam on your computer scan and automatically breaks down the results of short multiple choice and even short answer assessment. It even allows for teachers to use its assessment program in order to build online virtual quizzes that are auto-scored. This app that was developed by an actual teacher, enables classroom instructors to save hours and hours in correcting quick assessments and exams.  Gradecam also enables teachers to create different types of questions to scan and also sync the results to a system like PowerSchool or a virtual grade book.  My staff loves Gradecam! It saves them a ton of time.  Now they can focus on what they really like to do. 

What We Like: 

The obvious is the auto-scoring feature. It is a huge benefit for all teachers.  Also, GradeCam allows for seamless visual organization of data and groups it conveniently for teachers to communicate accurately and comfortably with other stakeholders.   


Cost is the limiting factor since it is over $100 dollars per year for the premium version.  However, it is broken up into low-cost monthly payments.  

Classroom Application: 
Teachers can use GradeCam to score assessments and then share data with other staff, students and administration.
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