Interactive Dust Bowl Activity


Either during or after the reading of Out of the Dust or another book that takes during the Dust Bowl, students will play the PBS Dust Bowl interactive activity. During the activity, students will pretend they are living in the states affected by the Dust Bowl. They will get to choose where they live and make decisions like whether or not to expand their farms or even move to California. After they find the results from their game, they will read other accounts of real people during the Dust Bowl. Then, using the results from the interactive activity, they will create their own Dust Bowl story, writing in first person and using correct historical details.  

Learning Targets: 
Students will gain background information on the Dust Bowl.
Students will understand what it is like to be in the Dust Bowl
Students will read first hand accounts of Dust Bowl experiences.
Students will create their own Dust Bowl experience through creative writing.