Lego Robotics EV3 Move Unit


I envision this being used in a self paced, blended, rotation setting, where students switch between learning lessons online and trying them out real life on the robot.  This is the first unit in my robotics course.  Students will learn how to move the robot forward, backward, left, and right.  I have not used the blended video lessons yet, but I have taught these lessons semi-traditionally three times a year for four years.  This unit uses Google Classroom for giving and receiving student work.  At this point, I only have one of the 3 video lessons complete.  

Learning Targets: 
Be able to move the robot forward, backward, left, and right.
Be able to spot and fix basic errors in familiar code.
Be able to troubleshoot basic problems with the robot.
Be able to name and explain how to configure the programming blocks involved in robot movement.
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