Mis Amigos y Yo (My Friends and I)


This unit is a part of an introductory course in the Spanish language. Students will learn how to conjugate the verb ‘ser’ as well as ask questions using this verb such as ‘where are you from?’ and ‘what time is it?’. Students will also learn how to properly use adjectives and pronouns so that they can describe themselves and others. By the end of the unit students should be able to create simple statements and questions. This unit is meant to be a stepping stone into further learning of the language.

Learning Targets: 
TLW know the definitions of and properly use adjectives describing themselves and others.
TLW know the definitions of and properly use names and pronouns.
TLW know the definitions and properly use phrases and words related to the unit and the movie clip.
TLW know the definition, know how to conjugate, and properly use the verb ‘ser’.
TLW be able to ask and answer the question, ‘where are you from?’ using the proper conjugation of the verb ‘ser’.
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