Reading Response Letters


A part of our curriculum is reading response letters, which students write about what they are reading in the form of a letter to their teacher each week in their reader's notebook.  Each week, the teacher will write back and ask them further questions.  The paragraphs usually consist of the following: 

1. Summary 2. Connections, Predictions, Wonderings, Answering further questions 3. Mini Lesson Connection  4. Wrap up and Conclusion 

With these letters, I found myself lugging home many notebooks each week.  I now have decided to do this on google classroom, to create more of a fluid discussion and to reduce the paper.   


Learning Targets: 
Write a letter about what you are reading
Connect what you are learning in class to your book
Make a prediction about what will happen next
Connect to a character in your book's personality
Demonstrate understanding about figurative language
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Common Core Language Arts