VoiceThread is a mobile and web application that is centered on group discussions around a digital medium. It was created to capture author and participant responses with “the compassion, emotion, and expressiveness of the human voice”. Students on VoiceThread can be both producers and consumers of the content within each digital container, referred to as a thread.

What We Like: 
  • Add a variety of annotations (voice, text, etc) to a variety of digital mediums (image, pdf, etc).
  • Student friendly environment
  • Allows for student commenting, communication, creativity and collaboration
  • Permission settings allow for privacy or authentic audience.
  • Embed and share options
  • Requires login
  • Does not allow for authentication through google account
  • Can get pricey to have multiple student accounts
Classroom Application: 
Allow students to give presentations that have rich content
Great for foreign language conversational practice