Weather Unit for MICI middle school


This unit revolves around 6 short leveled readings about weather and is intended for middle school MICI students. The readings are from the Unique curriculum, which is used by my school. If you don't have that particular curriculum, you could easily find other articles online about each of the subjects discussed in this unit. Multiple online activities have been added to enhance learning for all students, and there are also online opportunities to extend learning for those who are ready, and review information for those who need more reinforcement of concepts. There are links to weather related experiments to do prior to each lesson. The final assessment is a choice between two options: an online interactive learning lab or students researching the weather and recording a weather report using terms and concepts learned throughout the unit.

Learning Targets: 
Read and discuss nonfiction articles about different types of weather
Make connections between text and multimedia resources
Identify patterns in weather and temperature in relation to the seasons or temperature of the air in an area
Identify water in different forms within the water cycle
Identify geological processes and how they change the Earth’s surface
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