Writing a Research Paper/Digital Project & Utilizing Credible Sources


Students will write a research paper about a topic of their choosing (something they want to learn more about) or a digital story, blog, website, etc. The focus of this learning cycle is for students to learn how to determine what is/isn’t a credible source, fake news. vs. real news, and how to present an argument/subject they are passionate about in a meaningful way. Students may have the option to create a digital story, Prezi, etc..instead of a research paper.

Learning Targets: 
Draw evidence from informational texts such as news articles to research, analysis, & reflect on a topic that is of interest to them.
Evaluate informational texts (news articles, websites, etc.) to determine whether or not the text is a credible & true source of information
Create a properly formatted Works Cited page
Write an argumentative essay using MLA citations and proper English writing conventions
Create an informative digital presentation following proper English writing conventions, share their essays and presentations with their peers & give each other constructive feedback using a rubric provided
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