Pixlr Editor is a web-based photo editing application. It’s kind of like a lite version of Adobe Photoshop that is free and web-based.

This is a repository for math, science, and English adaptive practice activities. Students work through problem sets at their own pace to build up their learning.

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This is a tool that functions like a mail merge. You can set it a rubric in a google form, and the results will publish to a Google Sheet. You can then set up mail merge fields in a Google Doc feedback report to students. You can set it up so that once you complete the form rubric it automatically emails the report to students.

This tool allows you to customize a wide variety of avatars and add audio to the characters with an array of backgrounds.

Screenshot and video capturing tool that allows you to capture, record, annotate and share.

EduCanon is a teacher-founded online tool that lets teachers supplement existing videos with interactive add-ons.

This interactive whiteboard app allows you to use images, drawings, text and audio recordings.

This tool allows you to create and share screen and webcam recordings.

There are many different ways to precisely measure the quality of water in a river. Environmental scientists and volunteers all over the state of Michigan are continuously collecting measurements of the quality of water in rivers, streams, and lakes. Students will look at two of these measures to see how they change with location around the state and along a river.

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As a society, we use land in many different ways. The way we use land has a tremendous impact on how water flows over and through land as it makes it way to streams, rivers, and the Great Lakes. When rainwater falls on land, it gradually makes its way downhill. In developed areas, including both farms and urban areas, there is much less vegetation to slow the water down.

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