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Unit 1.1 Star Light, Star Bright


Area: Space Systems

This First Grade unit is the FIRST in the curriculum of three (3) units developed to address the First Grade science standards of the Michigan Science Standards related to Space Systems.

You have just read the general description for this Phenomenal Science Unit. Before you continue your review, it would be very valuable to our field testing process for the 21 Units of Phenomenal Science for us to gather information about those educators who are reviewing each of the Units. Thank you. Please start your review with this BRIEF SURVEY. Enjoy your review.

This is a series of lessons where students use observations of the sun, moon, and stars to describe patterns that can be predicted. In this unit students will  make observations of the sky. Before we begin any predicting, or analyzing patterns, the students need to develop some prior knowledge. They must know what the sun, moon, and stars look like and some of the distinguishing features of each.


Learning Targets: 
Students will be able to analyze data.
Students will be able to determine patterns.
Students will be able to use patterns to predict best time of year for games.
Students will be able to draw models.
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Next Generation and Michigan Science: