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2D Shapes


Unit abstract


The following lessons come from the Everyday Math (version 4) curriculum.  I have adapted the lessons by including face-to-face small group lessons, specific technology activities, and center activities (some being small group/buddy and some being independent).  I will be using a group rotation model during the implementation of this unit.  Each day will include a 1 hour block of time, with 20 minutes for each rotation.


Students will learn about attributes of two dimensional shapes.  Students will learn about defining and nondefining attributes of shapes.  Students will explore shapes through a building activity.  Students will combine two dimensional shapes to make composite figures.

Lesson 7.5  Attributes of shapes

Lesson 7.7  Defining and Nondefining Attributes

Lesson 8.1  Building shapes with Defining Attributes

Lesson 8.5  Combining 2-Dimensional Shapes

Learning Targets: 
Students will know names of 2D shapes (circle, rectangle, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, and trapezoid) from visual representations and from defining attribute clues.
Students will be able to construct 2D shapes.
Students will be able to state defining attributes of 2D shapes.
Students will be able to draw and construct 2D shapes with defining and nondefining attributes.
Students will be able to combine 2D shapes to construct composite figures.
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Common Core Math