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6th Grade Ratios and Proportional Relationships Unit


In this part of the unit on ratios and proportions, students will use ratio language to write ratios in a real-world context.  They will be architects who are designing an amusement park, an aquarium research center, or a baseball stadium.  Students will write equivalent ratios and use them to make their building a physically safe space that meets all building requirements.  During this project, students will also be converting between units (e.g., inches and feet) as they find equivalent ratios.  After students have made all of their calculations, they will analyze another set of design specifications and create a presentation explaining whether these new specifications would result in an architecturally safe building.  Students will use their math calculations from the design challenge to justify their answers.

Learning Targets: 
Students will be able to write ratios and rates based on a real-world situation.
Students will be able to explain the meaning of a given ratio or rate in words.
Students will be able to write and graph equivalent ratios.
Students will be able to convert between units to write reasonable ratios and rates.
Students will be able to use math evidence to justify their reasoning.
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Common Core Math