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6th Grade Weather and Climate Unit


In this part of the unit, students are exploring how global temperatures have changed over the past hundred years.  Students will examine tables and graphs about global temperatures and carbon dioxide levels, human consumption of food, and human consumption of natural resources.  They will find patterns in the graphs.  Based on this data, students will construct an argument about how human activities (increase in population and consumption of natural resources) cause global temperatures to increase.


Learning Targets: 
Students will be able to ask questions to explore changes in global temperatures over the past 100 years.
Students will be able to explain how the greenhouse effect causes global temperatures to rise.
Students will be able to analyze tables and graphs of climate and population data to find patterns in the data.
Students will be able to analyze human use of natural resources to find patterns in the data.
Students will be able to explain how human activities cause the rise in global temperatures.
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