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Animal Engineering - Which animal would you invest in?


Synopsis: students “design” a hybridized animal that they will try to pitch to investors.  

Seventh grade students will work in teams, use online databases and other resources to research a couple specific animal’s features of success; next, they will collaboratively create an infomercial using a digital presentation tool and “advertise” their “hybrid” animal to prospective “investors” (their classmates).  In the final stage of the project, they must present their “sales pitch” to the prospective investors, followed by a Q & A and formative assessment on the specific animal.  After all the teams have presented their sales pitch, their classmates will use an online tool to critique each pitch, and finally vote on the one hybrid animal they intend to “invest in.”

Learning Targets: 
Identify which types of animals and their features have evolved to be the most “successful” and why.
Students will gain skills to persuade others into believing their product is the best.
Students will demonstrate how to research using online databases as well as citing sources and creating a bibliography.
Students will know how to create media to support their argument, including: graphics, audio/video, webpages, and online assessment tools.
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