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Argumentative Writing: Should Everyone Get A Trophy?


Over five class periods, students explore the topic “Should Everyone Get a Trophy?” as they prepare to write a five paragraph essay argumentative essay. This unit is an extension of the Word Generation materials created by SERP (Series 3 Unit 3.21). Each class period begins with a mini-lesson followed by approximately 20 -30 minutes of independent work time. Mini-lessons are designed to support students developing oral academic language. During independent work time, students work at their own pace through a prepared list of online assignments while the teacher pulls small groups of students for guided reading. A student friendly presentation of the lessons is available on this google slideshow: Should Everyone Get A Trophy? - Daily Slides

All Materials for Daily Lessons are Available Below: 


  • Day One: Mini Lesson - Talk to the Text


  • Day One: Guided and Independent Practice - Talk to the Text


  • Day One: Reflection / Wrap Up




  • Day Two: Mini Lesson - Vocabulary


  • Day Two: Guided and Independent Practice - Vocabulary


  • Day Two: Reflection/Wrap Up






  • Day Three: Reflection/ Wrap Up - Identifying and Citing Pros and Cons





  • Day Four: Guided and Independent Practice - Transition Phrases


  • Day Four: Reflection/Wrap Up - Transition Phrases




  • Day Five: Mini- Lesson - Review Weekly Checklist / Writing



  • Day Five: Reflection/Wrap Up - Learning Targets of the Week

Learning Targets: 
I can talk to the text in the article "Should Everyone Get A Trophy" using sentence stems
I can define the following words and use them in a sentence: consensus, resilient, superior, participate, and yield
I can identify and cite reasons why proponents would support everyone getting a trophy and opponents would oppose everyone getting a trophy
I can use transition words to help the reader understand the organization of my essay 
I can write a five paragraph essay with an introduction, three supporting reasons, and a conclusion