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Astronomy - The Solar System


The following unit is part of the final unit for the Prentice Hall Explorer Astronomy text.  This unit focuses on how the universe formed, the sun, planets, as well as comets, asteriods and meteors.

Learning Targets: 
Identify the geocentric and heliocentric systems; recognize how scientist such as Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler contributed to acceptance of the heliocentric system.
Name the three layers of the sun’s interior; identify the three layers of the sun’s atmosphere; describe features that form on or above the sun’s surface.
Describe the characteristic that the inner planets have in common; identify the main characteristics that distinguish each of the inner planets.
Describe the characteristics that the gas giants have in common; identify characteristics that distinguish each out planet.
Describe the characteristics of comets; identify where most asteroids are found; explain what meteoroids are and how they are formed.