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Bill of Rights Quiz Game


This learning object will give your students an opportunity to think critically about the bill of rights in real life situations and leverage technology in such a way that they can learn in a fun and engaging way. The students will begin by studying the Bill of Rights at the link below, then the class will play the Kahoot Quiz online using any digital device with an internet connection. The quiz will require the students to read a real life situation and choose which of the ten amendments of the Bill of Rights is associated with that right. Critical thinking and application of skills will be required to win the game. Students could then be asked to join Kahoot and create their own Bill of Rights quiz game.

Learning Targets: 
Know the rights that are protected by the first 10 amendments
Recognize which amendments guarantee which rights
Create their own online quiz with their own 'real life' situations and determine which amendment would be the right answer.
Leverage technology to apply knowledge and think critically
Content Area: 
Resource Type: 
Creative Commons Licence