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Cell Cycle Planning Unit


Cell Cycle can be a very abstract and difficult section of Biology to learn. The goal here is to use constant reinforcement with students and allow for open communication between teachers and students for help and discussion. Students will be asked not only to identify and the steps in the cell cycle for somatic cells and gametes, they will be asked to create hypothetical situations to “stump” other students. The class will also have a focused discussion of cellular regulations and their role in helping the body run smoothly. Allow the students to be loud, argumentative, and competitive, it will make this unit much more fun for all involved parties while navigating correct online and debate etiquette!

Learning Targets: 
B4.3A Compare and contrast meiosis and mitosis
B4.3B B4.3d Explain why any changes in progeny must have occurred in gametes.
B2.6a Hypothesize a cell without specific internal or external regulations.
B2.6rb Apply knowledge of cell cycle to locate “what went wrong”
B4.3A Identify real life cell division through slides.
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