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Chemistry Unit: Matter and Energy


This is a blended learning unit I modified from a traditional unit plan to include more online and web-based material.  It requires 1:1 technology and internet access from students, but should be accessible cross platform, and even on mobile phones.

Topics discussed: Phases of matter, pure substances vs. compounds, phase diagrams, density, Chemical vs physical changes, Kinetic Molecular theory

MI HSCEs for Chemistry: C2.2A, C2.2B, P4.p2A P4.p2B, P4.p2C P4.p2D, C4.7A, C4.7B, C5.2A-C


Learning Targets: 
identify and describe the stages of matter in terms of molecular movement and energy
Describe and animate kinetic molecular theory
Plot the physical changes of substances on a phase diagram
Compare and contrast pure substances, compounds, and solutions
Gather and evaluate substances to determine if changes observed are chemical or physical.
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