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The Constitution: Checks & Balances


This lesson will guide your students into a deeper understanding of how the three main branches of the American government check and balance each other. This activity can be utilized ideally in a classroom setting but could also conceivably be moved online in the form of a google plus or skype exercise. Student will be broken into three groups, one for each main branch;Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. The groups then must each decide on an action that they would like to take. Once they divulge the action they would like to take the other groups must peruse the Constitution and their textbooks and seek ways that their branch could check and/or balance the proposed action of the other.

Learning Targets: 
Understand how the three main branches of US government can check and balance each other.
Formulate a policy move that a branch of the government might undertake.
Identify a means to block the move of the other branch once recognized.
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