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Costa Rica PlayPosit


This tool is a great way to present Costa Rican culture and geography, while reinforcing what they see with comprehension checks in the form of questions throughout the video.    

To use this tool, each student will need his or her own device and headphones to listen to the video.  As the video plays, questions pop up to reinforce key points.  All questions are short answer or multiple choice.  Students may rewind and watch again if they miss an answer.  Closed Captioning is also available for hearing impaired students by choosing this option from the settings in the top right hand corner after starting the video.  Teachers will get a report immediately when the students finish and submit their questions.  Multiple choice questions are graded immediately, while the teacher can assign between 0-3 points for each short answer response.  Class statistics are saved for the teacher to view.  This is especially useful in seeing if there were any particular questions or concepts that were troublesome.   I created the object so that students could interact with an engaging video and real images of Costa Rica.  It is a wonderful change of pace and the students love being able to re-watch certain portions if necessary.

2.1.M.G.c Identify major geographic features (rivers, mountains, deserts, forests)


 2.1.M.G.a Recognize important features of country(s) where language is spoken


2.1.N.G.g Identify the relationship between geography and weather and seasonal patterns

Learning Targets: 
Identify major exports of Costa Rica.
Demonstrate understanding of dry/rainy seasons in Costa Rica.
Identify animals found in Costa Rican rainforests.
Identify important geographical features of Costa Rica.
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