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Economics: What is Economics?


This unit provides an introduction to the key concepts presented in the semester course of Economics. Through this unit students with various activities and multimedia tools students are able to effectively answer the essential: What is economics? Students will create online project-based products using Prez, Wiki, and Noteapp.comI. As a result of the Unit plan: Students will be able to explain why scarcity and choice are basic problems of Economics?

Learning Targets: 
I will explain why scarcity and choice are basic problems of Economics?
I will be able to understand how wants and needs impact our choices.
I will learn why the scarcity problem exist and possible solutions to finding balance between wants and needs.
I will learn how to create a Prezi to illustrate key understandings of the concept of scarcity and Economics.
I will learn how to complete a Wikis to complete writing task.
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