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Edgar Allan Poe Instructional Unit


This unit covers several of Poe's short works, including one of his essays. It is intended to be used as part of a 10th-grade American Literature class and covers content standards related to the reading of literature and, to a lesser extent, the reading of informational texts. (Most of Poe's works would likely fall in the stretch lexile band for 10th-grade students.) Performance assessments are used whenever possible. The unit could be covered in about three weeks (including time set aside for students to work on the major assessments.) Two of the media objects in the unit have been uploaded separately.

Learning Targets: 
Use evidence to discuss the literal meaning of a text and to draw inferences from a text.
Determine the central theme of a story or poem using evidence from the text.
Discuss in writing the development of a work’s central theme.
Use context clues to determine the meaning of figurative and non-figurative language in a story or poem.
Discuss the effect of an author’s choice of words on the tone and meaning of a work.
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