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First Grade: Addition and Subtraction Fluency Strategies


At the beginning of the year Students are introduced to goal setting using a S.M.A.R.T goal framework (PLPs).  Based on the specific goal, students choose an “accountability partner” with whom they will practice and hold each other accountable for practice during and outside of school. During morning meeting on Thursdays students will participate in “Target Talk Thursdays” where students have an opportunity to check-in with their partner and spend 5-10 minutes playing a math game that relates to their S.M.A.R.T goal target.

In First Grade students work to attain fluency with addition and subtraction facts within 10. In this unit, students are introduced the strategies that will lead them towards that goal. The addition strategies introduced in this unit are counting on, recognizing pairs of numbers that add to 10, and the turn-around rule (formally the Commutative Property of Addition). The subtraction strategies introduced in this unit include the relationship of fact families and adding to subtract. This unit is a combination of Unit 6/Unit 7 in EDM teaching resources.

Mini-lessons for addition will be led by the teacher F2F. Mini-lessons for subtraction will be pre-recorded using Seesaw for students to watch.

Learning Targets: 
Set a goal and track their progress each month
Interview and check in with accountability partners
Count on or back from a number to add or subtract
Understand how using strategies can help them solve problems faster
Discuss and evaluate strategies for addition and subtraction
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Creative Commons Licence
Common Core Math