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Geography as it Relates to American History


Students will understand that applying the various Elements of Geography helps us to understand our past.  By exploring the World in Spatial Terms, Places and Regions, Physical Systems, Human Systems, and Environment and Society, we can use Geography to comprehend the issues of history, identify where events took place, what those places were like, how the places changed over time, and how people thought of the world at different times.  

Learning Targets: 
Students will know that the location of places on the globe influences events in history.
Students will know that the physical and human characteristics of places and regions (including the unequal distribution of resources) play an important role in events.
Students will know that physical and human systems influence history (i.e., physical systems that shape the earth’s surface; ecosystems and biomes; human migration and settlement).
Students will know that the way in which people affect their environment (and vice versa) shapes history.
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