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Global Crisis and Achievement (Era 7) -- The Great War (aka World War One)


This a blended unit of instrution about World War One that uses both online and face-to-face teaching and learning platforms that covers the following topics:

Causes of the War

Total War

America and the War

The Flu Pandemic

The Paris Peace Conference

Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Weapons of War 

Learning Targets: 
Analyze and explain the changes in the global balance of military, political, and economic power that occurred as a result of World War One.
Describe significant technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs that played a role in World War One.
Compare and contrast modern the total warfare of World War One with warfare in the previous eras.
Analyze the causes, characteristics, and long-term consequences of World War I.
Use primary and secondary sources to analyze the past from a variety of viewpoints.
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Creative Commons Licence
Common Core Language Arts