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Gooru is a lesson-unit-course building tool. Teachers can curate content from the internet, remix featured courses and assign content to students. Gooru has a robust data dashboard that allows teachers to monitor student progress to inform personalized learning strategies.

What We Like: 
  • Track formative data in realtime to inform personalized learning for students.
  • Teachers can look at usage reports detailing student responses to assessments, time spent on each learning resource and progression monitoring.
  • Emoji "reactions" acts as a self-assessment for students. They can choose from "I can explain", "I understand", "Meh...", "I don't understand" and "I need help".  Also, it doubles as a way to give the teacher feedback on successes and struggles while engaging with the content. This shows up in the usage reports attached to the student and the learning resource that the student was interacting with.
  • Well defined structure for lesson and unit progression.
  • The assessment tool is intuitively navigated and well integrated into lesson flow. Students receive instant feedback after completing
  • Choose from standards-aligned resources or create your own.
  • Students can work independently or tasks can be assigned to collaborative teams.
  • Access to Common Sense's digital citizenship lessons to use as is or remix to make your own.

More features on their support page:

  • Tries to be an all-in-one online learning solution, which can be good or not good. Need to be thoughtful about how you integrate it with other educational tools.
  • Outside resources need to be added by link. Example: Not able to search/browse for Youtube videos within Gooru to add to a lesson. You'll need to search for content first and grab a link.
  • Can be accessed on mobile devices through mobile browser but there are no dedicated iOS or Android apps.
Classroom Application: 
Digital content creation
OER remixing
Online learning portal
Digital assessment
personalized learning
differentiated instruction
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