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Introduction to AP Seminar Writing


This is the first unit of the school year. It is for the first course in the AP Capstone program, AP Seminar. This class is designed to engage student in the research process, specifically to provide them with the skills necessary to navigate source material and compose argumentative writing and presentations. This unit's theme is Identity. 

Learning Targets: 
Conduct a well-crafted investigation by exploring the complexity of an issue or topic.
Strengthen understanding of a concept or issue by questioning existing ideas, using what is known to discover what is not known, and making connections to prior knowledge.
Define and assess the credibility of source materials to make an informed decision about how to use a scholar's work.
Use appropriate technologies and tools to become more efficient, productive, and credible.
Acknowledge and respect the prior findings and contributions of others by using proper MLA or APA formatting.
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