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Making and Teaching Small Math Groups


*Please see link below for a detailed lesson plan document for this lesson.

I want to use technology in a really useful way to make my math groups that would give me time to teach and support directly to my small groups and individuals.

I made a Google Form (Google Forms: for our district approved curriculum called Everyday Math ( Unit 2- Solving number stories.   The pre/post test is 8-10 questions on the main teaching points from the Unit. The feedback from that would help me make my small groups before I start teaching the lesson.

I will use Google Classroom for each math group (or one main Classroom that I share through to each group) that I can push out work to for their practice after the whole group math lesson each day.  It would function as a digital way of organizing and showing groups what they are doing, instead of the normal pocket chart or posted schedule in the classroom.  This gives me more flexibility on changes throughout the week, and the ability to link in any online resources.

Small group work could consist of journal pages, hands-on game, IXL practice (, links to Khan Academy lessons (, Nearpod lessons/practice (, as well as many other math support websites, apps or hands-on practice.  Groups would also meet with me throughout the week as part of the rotation (lower groups more often), but having small group activities ready to go will give groups who are not with me the independence to get work done effeciently each day. At the end of the unit, students will then take the same test, as a post-test to show growth.

I like the idea of doing this because if gives me an idea of where my students are before I start the unit.  Using a pre-made, short form helps making the groups an easy process.  Having a pre-made list of resources, helps make group work productive and successful.

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