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Mass Media Literacy: Unit 1, Suspense Films


Teaching and learning looks blended in this classroom. By that, I mean that during the introduction of the topic, the teacher is really lecturing and the whole class is taking notes. During this time the instructor will ask students for feedback and questions. Use of the powerpoint will enhance the lecture by using pictures on each slide to illustrate the terminology. After this initial phase, students will be shown how to log into the Google Classroom. Some may already be aware of the process and can help the teacher facilitate the process. Everyone will be made aware of their GMail account and how it is to be used during this class. We will “tour” the classroom together. Finally, students will be given free reign on the site. They will be able to accomplish their goal as quickly/slowly as they desire independent of the others in class.

My past experience with Google Classroom has been positive, though I have learned something every time I have used it. Mainly, students need to make sure that they are making a copy of the assignment. That way they are working on their own document, rather than something that everyone can edit. They also need to be made aware of the fact that they may turn things in electronically and do not have to make paper copies. It is a wonderful thing!

There are many learning targets. In addition to the stated goals of learning terminology, there is the technical aspect of learning to use the computer for their work. Technology is a stated goal for the state of Michigan. Our students need to be 21st Century learners, this will go a long way toward that! Though many of the items listed below are not identified directly in the plan that I have submitted, throughout the course all of the standards below will be mentioned.

Finally, the standards that are tied to this object are:
The State of Michigan has identified Communication and Collaboration as an Educational Technology Standard by 12th Grade

9-12.CC.1 identify various collaboration technologies and describe their use (e.g., desktop conferencing, webinar, listserv, blog, wiki)
9-12.CC.2 use available technologies (e.g., desktop conferencing, e-mail, videoconferencing, instant messaging) to communicate with others on a class assignment or project
9-12.CC.3 collaborate in content-related projects that integrate a variety of media (e.g., print, audio, video, graphic, simulations, and models)
9-12.CC.4 plan and implement a collaborative project using telecommunications tools (e.g., ePals, discussion boards, online groups, interactive web sites, videoconferencing)
9-12.CC.5 describe the potential risks and dangers associated with online communications
9-12.CC.5 use technology tools for managing and communicating personal information (e.g., finances, contact information, schedules, purchases, correspondence)

Learning Targets: 
Analyze the angles most common in Suspense Films
Access and navigate Google Classroom
Demonstrate understanding of angles by creating their own suspense film.
Janet N
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Common Core Language Arts