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A Mastodon is Not a Dinosaur!


A Mastodon is Not a Dinosaur! is an arts integration project that infuses fine arts projects into the core curriculum subjects of science and literacy.  This project was designed for a Young Fives (pre-K) classroom.  This blended learning resource focuses on gathering information about the following Ice Age Mammals: American Mastodon, Woolly Mammoth, Saber Toothed Cat, Giant Ground Sloth, and Woolly Rhino.   This lesson serves as the jumping off point for the project and will lead to writing informative texts, hands-on lab activities, and fine arts experiences.

When using this resource, students will be able to access a Symbaloo Webmix titled Ice Age Mammals.  The webmix is a bookmark of several different resources including videos, images, articles and websites related to the listed Ice Age Mammals.  The resources are organized by a picture icon of each mammal.  Students, depending on the classroom setup, may access this information independently, as a small group/partners, as a whole group, or with an older buddy partner (we have 5th grade buddies who take part in this project).  As information is being gathered a Google Doc will be created for each Ice Age Mammal listing facts about diet, habitat, physical characteristics, and more.  This document may be created as the result of a whole group discussion, or as buddy partners are gathering information.  The Google Doc will be added to and edited as needed in whole group settings.   The Google Doc will then serve as a guide for each animal as students are writing/drawing their informative texts, completing lab activities, and taking part in fine arts experiences.  

Learning Targets: 
Demonstrate an understanding of the physical characteristics of Ice Age Mammals
Demonstrate an understanding of the diets of Ice Age Mammals
Demonstrate an understanding of the habitats of Ice Age Mammals
Identify facts and contribute to a Google Doc fact page for each animal
Draw an accurate picture and write one fact for each Ice Age Mammal
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Creative Commons Licence
Common Core Language Arts