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Ongoing debate: The Fairness Doctrine - Is it fair?


This week long unit on the historical Federal Communication Commission (FCC) regulation known ‘Fairness Doctrine’ will serve as a follow-up to the 5-week unit on First Amendment Student Press Issues outlined in “First Amendment Fridays and Monday Morning Quarterbacking of Supreme Court cases".

Students will read media commentary and Supreme Court decisions regarding the long moth-balled, but still much discussed, regulation.     

Learning Targets: 
Students can use multiple sources to analyze issues to determine accuracy, balance, fairness, objectivity, and truthfulness.
Students can analyze pieces to determine potential biases based upon appropriateness, audience, purpose, and rhetorical devices.
Students can find a range of well argued opinions on controversial topics and analyze the arguments contained within, paying particular attention to use of rhetoric to persuade the intended audience.
Content Area: 
Resource Type: 
Creative Commons Licence
Common Core Language Arts