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Pixlr Editor


Pixlr Editor is a web-based photo editing application. It’s kind of like a lite version of Adobe Photoshop that is free and web-based.

What We Like: 
  • Can edit images right in my browser
  • Can open images from the internet via url or from my computer.
  • Has pretty robust image editing tools for a free utility (spot heal, clone stamp, lasso selection, magic wand, etc.)
  • No warning/safeguard from navigating away before changes are made. No autosave feature that I can see. Really easy to lose work.
  • Not a really good image hosting solution. Need to save and add to drive, lms, etc.
Classroom Application: 
Make basic photo edits to images to get them course ready
Annotate photos and graphics to add additional context
Create logos & graphic designs from scratch
Students can use pixlr to edit photos, make collages, etc.
Tool Type: 
Tool Category: