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Social Studies - How do we get what we want and need?


1st graders LOVE learning about wants and needs and the basics of a market economy. This unit was created with support from the Oakland County School curriculum to help foster their interested in how our economy works. 

The students will be taught all about wants, needs, goods, services, producers, consumers, and how trade works. At the end of the unit, the students will participate in a Market Day to practice the concepts learned. 

Our classroom will be posting often to our classroom SeeSaw page. If you use Google Classroom or Edmodo, you can use them for the students to post their thoughts. 

Other Important Information

  • This unit is created using Oakland County Schools social studies curriculum. Please download that curriculum at the following link.
  • As a district we utilize Academic Vocabulary as a way to organize students vocabulary words in each subject area. If you are interested in vocabulary word work, there are two options with this unit. First, each lesson has a vocabulary page that you could put into a binder or notebook. (You will find these in the Oakland Lesson Plans in the Suplements.)  Or, you could use the following vocabulary pages for ALL your subjects and house them in a 3 ring binder or folder with fasteners.
Learning Targets: 
I can describe a need and a want.
I can describe a producer and a consumer.
I can describe a good and a service.
I can explain 2 reasons why people trade.
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