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Stages of Expansion of Voting Rights


This is a student project to illustrate stages of expansion of voting rights.

Have your students choose a partner to work with then create a new google present and share it with your partner so you can both be working on it. Then pick one of the five distinct stages of voter expansion listed. Your google present should have pictures and text describing who the key people were who pushed for those expansions and how and when the expansions in that stage occurred.
1. 1800-1850 - changes in voter qualifications
2. Post Civil War Changes - 13th-15th Amendments
3. Early 1900's and Women's Right to Vote - 19th Amendment
4. 1960's - Civil Rights
5. 1970's - 26th Amendment"

Learning Targets: 
Understand that voting rights were gained gradually in the US
Sympathize with groups that had to go through great struggles to gain suffrage
Describe the stages of voter expansion
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