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SUMMER PREP 2/2 Chemistry Knowledge I Need for AP Chemistry


Summer learning loss is real. Coupled with the realities of students that aren't prepared for the rigors of AP Chemistry or it may have been 1 or more years since they have taken Chemistry, this unit is designed to give students the opportunity to review basic concepts from Chemistry.

This resource is seperate from Prepping for AP Chemistry in that it focuses on the Periodic Table, mono-atomic ions, polyatomic ions, solubility rules, and activity/reactivity series (the last two will be useful for writing equations).

Learning Targets: 
Knowing elements 1-56, 72-88, and 92.
Common ionic charges based on their location on the periodic table.
Naming polyatomic ions and knowing their charges.
Knowing the solubility rules and how to apply them to compounds.
Predicting products using previous knowledge and activity/reactivity.
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