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Tierra Jackson 3rd Grade Math Unit 2: Number Stories & Arrays


 In this unit, 3rd graders practice making sense of one and two step number stories involving all four operations.  Practice may include diagrams, arrays, pictures, words, and number models.  Students will create, share, compare, and interpret representations, students will improve their problem-solving strategies, and students will firmly grasp that problems can be solved in more than one way.

SPECIFIC TO MY 3RD GRADE CLASSROOM:  There will be a strong focus on representing multiplication and division in this unit.

Learning Targets: 
Student will know now all products x0, x2,  x5, x10 fluently.
Student will know how to solve multiplication and division number stories.
Student will know how to create arrays to model division and multiplication.
For multiplication and division number stories student can: draw a sketch, write the answer, and write a number model that fits the story.