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Understanding the Internal Aspects of a Computer and Binary Code


Computer science is all around us.  Professionals in every field are using computer science to transform the profession. Students will learn about the basics of computer programming through engaging activities that allow the students to begin digging deeply into how a computer works.  Students will analyze how a computer functions. Inputs and outputs in computers and the world around us will be studied.

Learning Targets: 
Students will be able to accurately identify and name inputs and outputs on a computer.
Students will understand that inputs are received from the user and outputs are how the computer or device responds to those inputs.
Students will also know that computers speak in 0s and 1s and all code is transferred into 0s and 1s in order for the computer to understand the user’s inputs.
Students will be able to gain a foundational understanding of how images are transformed into 0s and 1s.
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