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Was the Spartan Education System Beneficial?


This unit follows a general introduction of Athens and Sparta including historical context, geographical location, demographics, etc. This unit will begin with teaching about the people of Athens and Sparta and the competition between the two. Students will learn about the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian Wars, focusing on the involvement of Athens and Sparta. Students will read articles describing the two city-states and the spartan education system in an open textbook. Based on their knowledge of both Sparta’s and Athens’ societal and military ventures, students will decide if the spartan education system was beneficial. They will then compose a persuasive essay on this topic.

Learning Targets: 
Compare and contrast life in Athens and Sparta
Describe the status of women and the functions of slaves in ancient Athens
Analyze the causes, course, and consequences of the Persian Wars, including the origins of marathons
Analyze the causes, course, and consequences of the Peloponnesian Wars between Athens and Sparta
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